Le dessin à 12 mois ? Comprendre l’importance de l’activité.

Drawing at 12 months? Understand the importance of the activity.

12 months the child scribbles

Around 10 to 12 months, it is advisable to start this activity while supervising the child. It is at this age that the child will begin to hold the marker and will find pleasure in seeing the colors appear on paper. For them, it will be like a magic trick, as they make lines on a sheet of paper they will be amazed by the colors that appear. To ensure a pleasant experience, it is advisable to provide them with a large surface to color along with different materials so that they can explore as they please (cookie cutters, different sizes of pencils). 

The importance of scribbling

Scribbling is the first step to open the door to many other learning experiences such as: holding a pencil, finding out if they prefer to use the left or the right, transforming their strokes into little men until they learn to write. 

It is therefore important not to trivialize this stage, because the child will have to go through it in order to take the next steps. It's like building a house. We can't build a house without a foundation and without nails. We can't build a house if we don't know how to use the tools and with which hand.

How to introduce drawing to your child (around 12 months)

When the child is ready to move on to the pencil and paper stage, he or she will show interest. It is therefore suggested to take advantage of their interest to bring different supports and tools. The best way to initiate the child is to get their curiosity. It is therefore recommended that you draw in front of them and provide them with the necessary materials while accompanying them to ensure that they are safe.


In summary, the scribbling stage around 10 to 12 months is a crucial stage, as is the babbling stage. When children babble, they are practicing making sounds to eventually communicate with speech. The only difference is that when the child scribbles, they are practicing to eventually communicate in writing.
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