Des méthodes simples pour une maison plus écolo

Simple methods for a greener home

Adopting a green home doesn't have to be a very complicated thing. The important thing is to adopt one small change at a time without pressure or restrictions. 

A little more about me and my green side: It's been about 2 years since I started to be interested in the impact of my choices on the environment. Their interest started with my group of children at the daycare where I worked. Whether it was paper consumption, water consumption during hand washing or even snack and lunch times. At first, it wasn't very complicated; I found ways to reduce the things that bothered me. Then I got feedback from some parents. One of them kept telling me that his child was having big eczema attacks. Wanting to help him, I did some more research and realized that traditional laundry soap could be one of the factors in reactions like the one the child had. So the parents changed their laundry soap, but the changes weren't that great. So I continued my research and realized that eczema or different skin rashes can be caused by food, certain textiles as well as the products we use on a daily basis.

I was really intrigued and angry to see how much our bodies, from a young age, can react to the products that are so promoted by the commercial giants of this world. I wanted to make changes in my daily life to see the impact that eating organic (as much as possible) with natural products could have on me before proposing them to the parents of my group. So I wrote a small list of changes to make right now in our home in a simple and inexpensive way.

These changes are environmentally friendly, but they are also good for our bodies and our health.

- Floor soap in strips or vinegar-based
- Laundry soap in strips (wash our clothes in cold water mainly)
- Vinegar-based product to wash counters, glass, mirrors... (the vinegar smell does not remain after cleaning)
- Use rags to wash surfaces instead of paper towels
- Use dry or natural dish soap

These products are inexpensive and save us money, as they are often cheaper than the products we normally use.

Moreover, if we use liquid products, in natural stores, we can fill our reusable jars with bulk soap, which saves us even more.

Then, we can opt for changes with food to move towards a more organic diet and with less frozen food. We can also continue with natural body products and reduce single-use things in our daily life, such as paper towels, note sheets, plastic to wrap food...Adopting these changes does not cost more, on the contrary, they allow us to save and consume less.

There are so many things we can change, but I believe that starting with household products would be a wise choice since the air in our home becomes polluted when we use products with chemical substances. Also, starting with this change is easier, in my opinion, because we make the change once and then this choice becomes part of our daily life without having to make any effort.

Finally, making more environmentally responsible choices is a matter of habit. Since we are used to buying this product, it is difficult to turn to another choice. This is the main difficulty. Once the choice has been made, all that remains is to remain consistent in adopting this new lifestyle on automatic pilot.
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