About us

EspaceMini is...

EspaceMini is a company that allows families to reduce their ecological footprint in a simple, creative and of course ecological way. These are the 3 fundamental values of the company. We want to provide families with products that are as natural as possible as well as tools and tips that are easy to apply in everyday life.

"We want to contribute to offer a greener world to the minis humans."


Co-founder of EspaceMini and early childhood educator

As an early childhood educator, the overconsumption of paper was part of my daily life. Wanting to maximize the learning of my group, I did not want to limit them. That's when I decided to create custom washable drawings for them.

Seeing their interest and their love for these drawings, people around me asked me for them. I realized that with this product, I could not only reduce my consumption and my ecological footprint, but also help others to do the same in their daily lives.

Co-founder of EspaceMini

I have always felt an entrepreneurial streak in me and have long wanted to contribute to something bigger.

As a former day camp counselor and business administration student, I saw this project as a golden opportunity. It is for these reasons that I joined Geneviève and that we decided to found EspaceMini.