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Our mission is to help daycare centers save and reduce their paper consumption to open the door to ecology.

We offer educational and creative washable drawings targeted according to the age of the child with the goal of supporting their development. An alternative to paper that will save you time, money and lots of paper.

A Canadian company that cares about the future of children just like you!

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  • Dessin écologique, fait à partir de textile biologique, dessin lavable, espace mini, EspaceMini

    Ecological drawings

    Made from organic textiles. Our designs are made from OEKO-TEX, GOTS and BLUESIGN certified organic hemp and organic cotton.

  • vous pouvez colorier, laver et réutiliser autant de fois que vous le voulez.

    Reusable drawings

    You can color with washable markers, machine wash with other clothes, and reuse as many times as you like.

  • Nos dessins ne produisent aucun déchet, car nos textiles utilisés sont compostables.


    Our designs produce no waste, as our textiles used are biodegradable.

Why washable drawings?

This is a very legitimate question. Why change from traditional paper to washable designs? Unfortunately, deforestation is a growing issue. Today, there is less than 15% of virgin forest left in the world. This is very little. It is therefore important to find ecological alternatives to replace what is causing harm to the planet. Moreover, daycare centers consume more than 28,800 sheets of paper, and this, only in the Outaouais region. It is therefore important to act quickly to preserve the Earth for future generations. In addition, our washable designs are 100% organic and our fabrics are OEKO-TEX, GOTS and BLUESIGN certified, which ensures the quality of the product and confirms that there are no chemicals used from the plantation to the hands of children in your environment.

Switching from traditional paper sheets to fabric paper sheets is a beneficial transition for everyone

What you will earn


Freeing up planning time for educators and teachers

"Did you know that activity preparation is one of the most demanding tasks for educators and or teachers. Often, they have to complete their planning at home because they don't have time during the day."


Save on ink, paper and activity subscriptions.

"Did you know that on average each daycare center uses more than 28,800 sheets of paper per year for coloring, small jobs, painting... This equates to approximately more than $700 spent on sheets of paper intended only for these activities and approximately $4,000 in ink cartridge expenses"


Be set apart from other settings.

"Did you know that green in child care settings is increasingly a trend? Ecology is increasingly part of families' values, so it's important for them to have a setting that meets their values. That's one of the reasons why child care settings are making changes to incorporate these new values."

In reference

Become a benchmark for other communities in contributing to the environmental future for children.

Be one of the pioneers in making this change for the environment and stand out from the crowd by being one step ahead.

In contribution

Be part of the change and the environmental movement. Join us and together we will make a big change and inspire others to do the same.

Customer feedback

  • A pre-kindergarten teacher

    "My students love the cotton drawings. Each week, three different friends color the pages and we display them in the classroom. I clean them up on the weekend, to start over the next week.

    One student had no interest in coloring. He would make quick little scribbles just to say he had colored. He gets so on board with your drawings. His favorite is the rainbow.

    Now he fills in the whole drawing. Lately, he has started to change the colors.

    I am very impressed by his progression!

    I love your concept!"

  • A daycare educator

    Children love the fabric drawings. They even prefer them. When I offer them to draw, they choose the fabric drawings instead of paper.

    Many children like to do the same drawing more than once, there is a bond that develops between the child and the drawing.

    In one year, I managed to reduce my paper consumption by at least 3,000 sheets! I really feel like I am making a difference for the future of the children.

Ready to take action and stick out from the pack?

Our package deals for daycare facilities

  • Diamond

    $499,99 instead of $840

    - 30 drawings of your choice

    - 2 blank velcro banners

    - Possibiliy to customize (adding shadow figues, etc.)

    - Be added to our website as a reference for the movement

    - Visibility on our social media pages

    - A visit in your facility to host a workshop in one of the groups

  • Gold

    $199 instead of $360

    - 12 drawings of your choice

    - 1 blanc banner with velcro

    - Be added to our website as a reference for the movement

  • Bronze

    $99.99 instead of $150

    - 6 surprise educational drawings

    - Be mentioned on our website

Steps to follow after choosing the package that suits you best

What happens next

Choose the package or contact us to create your own package

Make an appointment with us so that we can offer you something within your budget by targeting your needs or choose one of the above packages.

Contact us by email at or by phone at 819-744-8814 ask for Murphy Chisholm

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We take care of your needs

We will carefully prepare your order within a pre-established time frame during our meeting while ensuring that we meet your needs.

We deliver your order and offer you support to use and maintain the products.

We deliver your order and we offer you the possibility to accompany the educators during a product demonstration by organizing an activity with the children.

Excellent after-sales service and literature for staff and parents

We offer an outstanding after-sales service to answer all your questions and to provide you with tools. It is possible to receive green tip sheets for your entire facility (to hand out to staff and parents)

We offer you advertising on our social media and on our website

We mention you on our website and on our social networks to advertise you and to add you to our community as a reference.

Vous voulez en faire un essai avant?

Si vous préférez faire l'essai des dessins avant d'investir une somme, ne vous en faites pas. Nous pouvons vous fournir un ensemble de dessins à titre d'essai. Vous n'avez qu'à nous contacter dès maintenant.

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