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English and French seasonal tree

English and French seasonal tree

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With the seasons tree, the child can learn the notion of seasons and the order in which they arrive (summer, fall, winter, spring). The seasons are written in English and French, which will introduce the child to both languages. They can also have fun adding details under the tree that relate to the season above it (summer = pot of sand).

* Markers not included

Made from

Made from organic cotton and hemp

Canadian product

Hand made in Quebec, Canada


15 by 20 cm for small

26 by 20 cm for large


Use washable felt pens, machine wash on regular cycle with other clothes and air dry.

It is advisable to wash it 1 week after use to make sure the colors don't soak into the fabric.

Some bright or darker colors will fade over the washings (Dark blue, black, fire engine red, purple...).

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