Adult kit

Washable note sheets that replace single-use paper

Étant éducatrice je prenais des notes à tout moment pour transmettre des messages aux parents. Ensuite, je rentrais chez moi et je prenais en note mariste d'épicerie. À la fin de ma journée, je prenais des notes sur les choses à effectuer le lendemain..

The kit's route

Being an educator, I would take notes at all times to pass on messages to parents. Then I would go home and write down my grocery list, my tasks to do, things to remember...

I then realized how much paper I was using that would end up in the trash in a few hours. So I started creating washable note sheets and memo sheets for myself.

I then shared it around and people loved it. That's where our first adult products came from. We can finally take as many notes as we want and reduce our environmental footprint.

I want one now!
  • Complete

    The kit contains everything you need; a mandala with a blank page on the back, a small note sheet, two bulletin board memo sheets and a bag to store everything. 

    As a bonus, you will receive washable markers and everything will be sent to you by mail, so no need to run to the store.

  • Eco-responsible

    Made of organic cotton and organic hemp; two all-natural fibers without any chemicals, our fabrics are certified OEKO-TEX, GOTS and BLUESIGN ink. We make sure to use quality materials to offer you durable products.

  • Economical

    Long-term savings. No need to buy a ton of post-it notes, notepads, notebooks... Often, the notes we take are for the same day or for the next day, so you don't need to waste a dozen note sheets a day to write down your daily tasks.

We receive nothing but positive comments about our drawings;

A student

"I used my note sheet for the first time and I love it! It's perfect for planning my days."

A teacher

"One student had no interest in coloring. He would make quick little scribbles to say he had colored. He gets so on board with your drawings. His favorite is the rainbow. Now he fills in the picture. Lately he has started to change the colors.
I am very impressed with how it has evolved. I love your concept."

A parent

"I bought a starter kit. Just to let you know my 5 year old boy loves it!"

Just like them, you want:

- eco-responsible products with no trace of chemicals.
- useful products for your daily life.
- take the step into ecology without pressure and without changing your way of doing things from A to Z.

- save a lot of money in the long run.
- To know that you are doing your part in preserving the Earth.

Un système simple 1. Prenez vos notes comme d'habitude  2. Afficher les mémos sur votre babillard ou votre bureau  3. Mettre vos feuilles de notes utilisés dans la laveuse   4. Réutiliser une fois lavé

A simple system

1. Take your notes as usual

2. Display memos on your bulletin board or desk

3. Put your used note sheets in the washer 

4. Reuse once washed

  • So if you are as tired as I am of:

    - Having little notes lying around;

    - Having to throw away and waste your note sheets after a few days;

    - Having to constantly buy single-use notepads;

    - Seeing your trash can filled with small papers at the end of the day;

    - Cutting down trees to create single-use paper, which will be discarded after one use.

    Don't wait, try the EspaceMini starter kit.

  • "I already use recycled paper".

    Did you know that recycled sheeting consumes even more water and chemicals in its manufacture than regular sheeting and that the fiber in the sheeting can only be reused 4 times?

  • "Cotton is even more harmful to the environment"

    Indeed, the traditional cotton is very harmful for the environment. That's why we use certified organic cotton and organic hemp. This way we make sure that from the plantation, to the harvest to our workshop the material has been treated ethically.

  • "It's not more ecological because you have to wash it"

    Our washable drawings can be washed with other clothes in a regular cycle. It does not require special maintenance. In addition, cotton and hemp are natural textiles, which means that during the washing process they do not create small plastic particles that are released into the water and increase the pollution of our oceans unlike polyester whether recycled or not.