Starter kit

Washable drawings that replace single-use paper

"J'ai acheté un kit de depart à la journee Sucre le bec à Aylmer. Simplement pour vous dire que mon garçon de 5 ans adore!"

The kit's story

Over a year ago, I was working with my group of children and I was continually living with the feeling of going against the grain.

I was working as an educator to support their development and contribute to their future adulthood, yet I was giving them tools that polluted their planet.

I felt terrible and that's when I went to do some research to find an alternative to our biggest waste; paper.

It was then that after much research, I found the fabric that had a low environmental impact during its design, use and end of life.

I want one now!
  • Complete

    Une trousse qui contient tout! un grand dessin, un petit dessin, une feuille blanche à même le support et une petite pochette pour ranger le tout.

    Bonus; vous recevrez aussi un livre numérique sur l'écologie et des crayons-feutres lavables.

  • Eco-responsable

    Made of organic cotton and organic hemp; two all-natural fibers without any chemicals. Our fabrics are certified OEKO-TEX, GOTS and BLUESIGN ink. We make sure to have quality materials for your children.

  • Economical

    Long-term savings. No need to feel the pinch when your child scribbles on all the pages in a few minutes in his new coloring book. No more running to the store. We prepare everything for you and you will receive your drawings directly in the mail.

  • Motor skills development

    In addition to stimulating fine motor skills, our drawings help stimulate gross motor skills. By being able to use the drawing everywhere, the child will be able to develop muscles that are sometimes not used very much. For example, coloring while lying on the floor helps develop the muscles of the torso, back, shoulders and stomach.

  • Social development

    Our drawings are adapted to be used alone or in pairs. By incorporating them into multi-child activities, they can work together to complete the challenges of educational drawing.

  • Emotional development

    On the emotional side, the child will be able to improve their bond with the adult by asking for help or by doing the educational drawing with them. The child can also discuss his tastes, preferences and emotions. Their self-esteem will also be enhanced.

  • Intellectual development

    With the help of our drawings, the child will be able to play association games, do search and find activities, count, recognize shapes as well as stimulate everyday language.

We receive nothing but positive feedback on our drawings:

From a teacher

"One student had no interest in coloring. He would make quick little scribbles to say he had colored. He gets so on board with your drawings. His favorite is the rainbow. Now he fills in the drawing. Lately he has started to change the colors.
I am very impressed with how it has evolved. I love your concept."

From an educator

"Washable drawings allow me to reduce my paper consumption on a daily basis with the kids! They are super easy to wash."

From parents

"I bought a starter kit at the Sucre le bec day in Aylmer. Just to let you know my 5 year old loves it!

Just like them, you want:

- eco-friendly products that have no trace of chemicals.

- safe educational products for your children.

- for your child to be introduced to ecology at a young age.

- to know that your child's development is supported during their activities.

- to save a tremendous amount of money in the long run without restricting your child's development.

Un système simple 1. Inviter l'enfant à colorier  2. Afficher le dessin pendant quelques jours  3. Mettre le dessin dans la laveuse  4. Recommencer

A simple system

1. Invite the child to colorr

2. Display the drawing for a few days Put the drawing in the washer

4. Repeat

  • So if you're tired:

    - That your kids are emptying your printer paper bins;

    - Of having to throw away and waste your new coloring books just hours after its purchase;

    -Having to choose which child's drawing to keep or throw away;

    -Having your child cut himself with the sheets or accidentally tear his drawing; Having a pile of papers that accumulates all over the house;

    -Cutting down trees to create single-use paper, which will be thrown away after only one use.

    Don't wait any longer to try the EspaceMini Starter Kit.

  • "I already use recycled paper".

    Did you know that recycled sheeting consumes even more water and chemicals in its manufacture than regular sheeting and that the sheeting fiber can only be reused 4 times...

  • "Cotton is even more harmful to the environment

    In fact, traditional cotton is very harmful to the environment. That's why we use organic cotton with certified organic hemp. This way we make sure that from the plantation, to the picking to our workshop the material has been treated ethically.

  • "My child doesn't color that much"

    Drawing and coloring are crucial milestones for the child, starting at a young age (15 months). The child needs to manipulate the pencils in all ways as well as the medium. It is also this activity that allows the child to acquire the basic notions before learning to read and write.

  • "It's not more ecological because you have to wash it"

    Our washable drawings wash with other clothes in a regular cycle brewer. Therefore, it does not require special maintenance. In addition, cotton and hemp are natural textiles, which means that when washing it does not create small plastic particles that are released into the water and increases the pollution of our oceans unlike polyester whether recycled or not.